All of us are sensual beings who need time to relax and tune in to our senses.
Touch, hugs, kisses, and other forms of endearing actions are forms of instant stress relief.

  • Your Sexuality

    How your sexuality is developing from massage & touch?

    Why erotic massages gets so popular?

    What is a secret and potential of massage therapy?

    Why massage is so beneficial for your health?

    Prostate health: what is best way of healing?


  • Mind, Body & Spirit

    How do you feel?

    What is your body telling you now?

    Your body is your guide and your friend.

    Awareness has a tremendous power into every cell.

    Feedback from the body gives to the mind feelings of support and understanding.

    And here is the key how to live in a balance and joy...


  • Female View

    We are from the different planets:
    Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

    And everybody has always curiousity about other side of look into the same situation. Even is wise to know...

    Interviews with masseuses about work in AppleMassage and more...


  • Fun Story

    Funny stories from our practice.

    True and real stories from masseuses, coming from their massages sessions and companion time.

    Sometimes quite funny cases...

    No real names of course!


Let yourself just to feel your body, to feel reaction of touch and accept all emotions coming with.
Let yourself TO BE.
Invest in yourself.