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Erotic Massages Companion Time BareFeet Massage Great Idea

  • Erotic Massages: the art of touching and of giving a pleasure.

    Erotic massage teaches communication skills at the level of physical contact and attitudes, feelings, emotions. Brings joy of sincere real communication. You will be surprised with a lot of fun from taking massage.

    Known sexologists strongly recommend erotic massage for men as a powerful tool & prevention. It should be almost everyone in our modern life. The massages are unique for relaxation and for the healing of sexual difficulties, which will awaken all of your senses. The magic, with powerful adult game, massage doesn't miss any part of the body. Includes massage of whole body with oil, massage of the lingam and prostate. Can be added Healing Massage of Prostate. Sensual massage is making by hands, the masseuse has a minimum underwear. By Tantric massage the masseuse is nude, massage by hands and her body. Massage respects the limits of both recipient and giver. Males may be relaxed and completely naked. If an erection comes up this is completely OK. Masseuse will only accept touching of her body by the client after permissions have been given. The client will have to fully agree to this condition.
    Sincerely: Tantric & Sensual Massage are not a sexual services, it's very different.

  • Companion Time

    You can book from us a short term companion with massage, and spend a pleasant time in companion of nice good looking girl. Spending you free time in easy communication, with great sensual massage, a lot of touch and fun. By your wish you can go for a walk & dinner, or other activities by your request.

    Closeness of the female soul, tender woman's skin, gentle touch to wake up your creative sexual energy. New intimate odors, the warm breath of beautiful stranger bring new really sweet feelings, awaken your being.

    Try a new experience with true erotic bliss.

  • Barefoot Massage. Erotic Barefoot Massage.

    Barefoot massage is exquisite massage. More effective application of deep tissue massage. This luxurious massage will release every bit of stress and each point of tension from your muscles.

    During a Barefoot Massage treatment, direct pressure is applied to the muscles to give slow, deep compression and rolling them. Pressure on the deeper layers of muscles. Pain free experience. With barefoot massage we get deeper and longer lasting effect for body then doing similar massage by hands.

    The masseuse uses her feet to apply pressure instead of using hands. It's a nice slow dance. Techniques will be done on bare skin, can be with a little oil, but by wish can be done through clothes. Foot-pressure is a comfortable, barefoot deep tissue massage could be done in soft variant or deeper variant. Barefoot massage is a deep, a very satisfying massage. You will feel refreshed and energized. Massage can be done in two variants: heeling deep tissue Barefoot Massage or Erotic Barefoot Massage.

  • If you have a short free time, 1-3 hours, tired to go out – take a massage or short companion with massage at your hotel!

    Emotions locked in your body make a tension, what gets as normal for everyday.... but this tension is a passion slowly killer. And is a real reason why you deserve relax mood & your body needs a full body relax or sensual massage. TENSION IS A PASSION KILLER! This is a great tool for toning & stress reduction, which is known to adversely affect male potency.

    Massage received at hotel/home is becoming more and more popular as a way to relieve the stresses of travel or hard business day and stay in fresh condition. Let us help you to relax, revitalize, refresh. Enjoy the our quality massage in the comfort, no need to leave your home or hotel room.

    One treatment session could integrate eclectic blends of several massage techniques /Swedish, Deep Tissue, Limphatic, Reflexology, Chinese Massage, Shiatsu/. It makes your massage specific to your needs.


Some Benefits of Erotic Massage:
- Positive change on physical, mental, emotional, and for some, spiritual levels
- Easy way of prostate healing
- Increase sexual power
- Increases relaxation

How important to stay sometimes out of your mind, just by feeling?
Feeling brings you into a level of Being.